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About The Album
200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane is the debut studio album by Russian duo t.A.T.u., released on December 10, 2002 by Interscope Records and Universal Russia. The group did not write any songs for the album; it was primarily written and produced by Trevor Horn, Martin Kierszenbaum, Robert Orton and Ivan Shapovalov. The music of 200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane is derived a wide variety of pop and dance genres while heavily incorporating different musical styles and not being present on their previous Russian record. It encompasses a broad variety of genres, such as electronic, rock, jazz, R&B, Hi-NRG and eurodance. The lyrical content of the album is a broad diversity of many events including love, friendship between the members, fun and more. The album's themes included homosexuality, exampling "Malchik Gay". The album received mixed reviews from music critics; with many praising the musical content and structure of the album along with its catchiness, while some denounced the lyrical content and image. 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane, its singles and the band have received many awards and accolades, including Best International Album and Best Rock Album.

About The Group
t.A.T.u. was a Russian music duo that consisted of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. The duo was managed by Russian television producer Ivan Shapovalov while in the group Neposedi. The duo were signed to their own production company T.A. Music, following the split with Universal Music Russia, and their sub-labels Interscope Records and Neformat. The duo released six studio albums; three Russian and three English. The album 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane achieved huge success worldwide and eventually became the first group ever to get the IFPI Europe platinum award for the same album in two different languages. Due to their success, the duo were recognized as one of the most successful female music acts to emerge in the early decade and have established themselves as the most successful Russian act to date. t.A.T.u. represented Russia in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, performing "Ne Ver', Ne Boysia", finishing in third place. In March 2011, the duo officially announced their separation, due to personal reasons and conflicts between them and embarked on solo careers, which started around the end of 2008. As of 2012, t.A.T.u. have sold over 15 million records, and both the Russian and English version of 200 Km/h are listed amongst the best-selling albums by a girl group. They reunited in late December 2012 for a concert.

Songs On The Album
1. "Not Gonna Get Us"
2. "All The Things She Said"
3. "Show Me Love"
4. "30 Minutes"
5. "How Soon Is Now?"
6. "Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)"
7. "Malchik Gay"
8. "Stars"
9. "Ya Soshla S Uma"
10. "Nas Ne Dagonyat"
11. "Show Me Love" (Extended version)

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